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Veteran employment is our priority. Too often, too many veterans have a tremendous amount of skills and experience that doesn't translate to civilian employment requirements. We encourage Veterans to meaningful civilian employment and help them to translate those skills into a job with MSR Transport Services, Inc. We provide the ability to continue to serve our country and DoD by hauling materials and loads that save lives, literally.


Earn 25% to 30% as a solo and 40% to 45% as a team. Solo’s average between $68,000 and $88,000 annually and team drivers average between $80,000 and $104,000 annually.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Competitive Pay

We reimburse the cost of travel to orientation, provide lodging, and pay you during orientation.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Paid Orientation & Travel

Run your own business with our support and resources. No forced dispatch, take home time when you want. Essentially – run the truck like you own it without the risk and financial hassle.


MSR Transport Services INC.

1099 Contractor

We have numerous performance bonuses tied to quarterly goals. Earn up to an additional $16,000 per team annually.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Performance Bonuses

You accept or reject the loads offered to you by the carrier. No one is forcing you to drive into a hurricane or a snow storm.


MSR Transport Services INC.

No Forced Dispatch

Take the truck home with you during home time. No yard or terminal to return to.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Truck Remains with Driver(s)

We pay you to help grow our fleet with drivers and teams that embody our culture. Bonuses are worth up to $3,500 for teams.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Referral Bonuses

You get a weekly settlement and direct deposit. No transferring money from a fuel card or having to go to an ATM to get paid.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Direct Deposit

For a small pet deposit, we welcome your furry (or not so much) pets in the truck with you.


MSR Transport Services INC.

Pet Friendly


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